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29th July
written by Splash

I LOVE コイキング
I LOVE Koiking
I LOVE Magikarp

Official Magikarp song:

Took some liberties to use English terms, even though “haneru” is more literally “to flap around”, the English use of the move in the games is Splash.
Although the original lyrics have a lot of rhymes (with -ingu endings) / puns (koi = fish, but also koi = love) that don’t translate into English, or I just haven’t thought of a clever to get them to work, but that’s how it is between languages.~
*edit* 5/12/17: Official English version is up:


29th January
written by Splash

Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara

artist: Ezaki Toshiko

Pokemon Advance Generation Ending 1