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Splash‘s collection of translations available for public viewing.
This wordpress opened on March 1, 2009 and as you can see has nothing but lyrics so far. XD; I’m still deciding on how to put up my other translation material, or if I even want to put anything else besides lyrics on this site. Feedback on this site’s general future is welcome~

Translation commission information. Song translations with official kanji available generally start at $5 each.

Please do not just copy and paste my translations entirely onto other websites, it’s disrespectful to the work I put into this. You are free to link to the pages on this site if you wish to share the full content. You are also welcome to use specific verses and whatnot for use in graphic work, and I would appreciate a link back if you do so. https://lyrics.pmsinfirm.org

For any other use of these lyrics, please contact me for permission first. splash (at) pmsinfirm.org

Thank you for stopping by!